Refund Policy

At CheapEssayWriter, we employ the best of our expertise and skills to provide high-quality and professional essay writing assistance to all the customers. In this regard, we try our best to meet the benchmarks of quality we promise while working on the instructions you have specified. However, if you still feel that our academic writers have not done a good job and there are no chances of revision, you can request for refunds. Our customer service team offers round-the-clock support for such matters. The following Refund Policy is also formulated to deal with these issues. As a customer, you are advised to read this Refund Policy thoroughly before making any claim.

  1. Delivery of the Order after the Submission Date

    We try our best to deliver all the products or services you buy from us within the deadline you have mentioned in the Order form.

    In some cases, if our writers think it is difficult to complete the paper within the deadline, we will ensure to inform you about it by providing a genuine reason. However, if you think the reason is unjustified, you can request for a refund.

    On the other hand, if the deadline for submission has already passed and the written paper is no longer of use, we can make a full refund* or provide store credits.

    In another case, if you have submitted your essay after the deadline, pertaining to any lacking on our side, and your marks have been dedicated due to it, we can make a refund of a certain percentage from the total payment. For this, we require proof of marks deduction.

  2. Below Par Quality

    Our professional experts ensure to maintain the top-notch quality of every paper they write. However, if we have made considerable mistakes in language, academic relevancy, formatting or other aspects of the paper and you think it is not up to the standards you expected, you can request revisions. We encourage our customers to give us a chance for revisions. Accordingly, if we correct all the mistakes, a refund cannot be claimed. Conversely, it can be claimed if:

    • The paper is plagiarized completely or below the accepted percentage and has not been improved upon revision or the deadline does not allow for revision
    • The paper does not meet the quality expected of us. In such a case, our Quality Assurance Department will look into the matter and decide the status of the request.

    Once again we encourage our customers to request revisions before claiming so we can make required changes.

    Accordingly, if the client is unsatisfied with the revisions we have made, we will evaluate the paper to calculate a fair amount of refund. If the paper is submitted already, we will not be able to make a refund.

    Where we are required to submit drafts, we expect our customers to inform us about the quality of the paper and if any changes should be made beforehand.

    We can only make refunds in cases where we have been unable to make informed problems in the final paper.

    If the customer fails to inform the issues with their drafts beforehand, that is, before and only until the refund, we will be unable to accept any requests for the refund.

    In cases where the claim of refund is accepted, we can give a full refund*, a certain percentage of the total amount or store credits, depending on the matter.

  3. Canceling the Order

    If you want to cancel an order that you have submitted through an Order form, we allow you to do so within the next 24 hours of placing the order.

    If the order is canceled within the specified time, we can make a refund* or give store credits.

    On the other hand, you can request for another paper to be written, which should be equal in worth to the order that has been canceled.

    Also, if the writer has already started working on the order, we will not be in a position to accept any requests for canceling the order or making any refunds. This is for the compensation of the time, energy, and expertise our professional writer has employed in crafting the paper.

  4. Incorrect Payment

    On placing the order, if you have been incorrectly charged twice for a particular paper or you notice that you are required to pay additional costs, we recommend you to get in touch with our Customer Service Support immediately. We will look into the matter and make the required refund, provided that proof of double receipts has been shown to us.

  5. Failure to deliver the complete Product

    It is very unlikely that we would be unable to deliver the complete service to you. In any instance if we have still failed to deliver your order and the customer service has not responded for two complete business days, we will be making a refund or giving store credit.

  6. Failure to achieve a high grade

    Whenever we accept an order, our professional essay writers work intending to generate the academic performance and grade you desire.

    We ensure to employ perfect grammar, formatting, and academic relevance in every essay we write, ensuring to make them plagiarism-free.

    Regardless of this motive, it is beyond our control to guarantee that every single paper that we write will be awarded the highest grade in the class.

    It is important to remember that every teacher has different criteria for checking and each course and paper has different requirements.

    In addition, your final grade of the term is an average of your other projects and performance, consequently, not based on our papers only.

    On the other hand, we, definitely ensure that we do not contribute to the failure of any student.

    Nevertheless, if a student has failed, we can make a 50% refund. For this, we expect the student to request a refund within the three weeks of order submission and show us a proof of failure.

  7. How to Claim a Refund

    If case any of the aforementioned circumstances have occurred and a refund needs to be made, you should reach out to our Customer Service team.

    Once you request a refund, we will look into the matter, taking any significant actions accordingly.

    At the same time, it is important to remember that we strictly prohibit our customers from engaging any third parties, like credit card provider or PayPal, in the process of refund.

  8. Request for Chargeback

    At, we are strictly against any demand or appeal for chargeback.

    If there is some sort of disagreement, our Customer Support Service is always available to resolve the issue with the customers.

    Any demand made for chargeback, in any circumstances, will compel us to mark the customer fraudulent, barring from using our services. also holds the right to use legal actions against all those trying to use our services for illegal purposes.

  9. Refund Period and Proceeding

    The Refund Period for accepting refund requests stretches from the submission date of the order till the next three weeks.

    Beyond this time frame, we will be unable to make any refunds.

    Requests for refunds require an additional 48 hours for further analysis and processing.

    Once the request for a refund is approved, we will make the payment within the next 24 hours.

The above-mentioned Refund Policy guides all the actions of in making any Refunds. Please take into consideration that our Quality Assurance Department holds the right to reject any claim for refund in case it does not agree with our Terms and Conditions. *Full refund = 90% of the amount paid. 10% is deducted as service charges and transaction cost to be paid to the Gateway Company.