Terms & Conditions

As a customer, when you concur to use the services of CheapEssayWriter.com, you agree to have read our policies and consent to be bound by our terms and conditions. In this regard, you also affirm and claim to possess the legal authority to enter these terms and be legally bound by them. The following Terms and Conditions specify the provisions that need to be adhered to. Please read them carefully.

  1. Definitions

    “Website” stands for the collective number of the web pages available at

    “Customer” refers to an individual submitting an Order for academic help at the website.

    “Company” is any organization providing certain services to the Customers.

    “Writer” is an individual employed or contracted to provide research and/or writing services to the Client, based on the agreement with the Company.

    “Order” signifies an online form that is filled by the Customers in need of a service. The Order mentions the requirements and any special instructions for the fulfillment of the Order.

    “Product” stands for the result of an Order, generated as per the specifications and/or additional requirements of the Customers, delivered electronically via email as a document.

  2. Order Placing

    In order to place an Order, a customer has to fill and submit a form, which is available on our Website.

    A Customer can also place an Order via email.

    While placing an Order, a Customer indicates to be fully in agreement with our terms and services, as specified on our Website.

    The Order form that has to be fulfilled is deemed to specify the scope of the work, Order parameters, and delivery terms. The Customer is expected and encouraged to provide full and exact information when filling the Order form.

    By placing an Order, the Customer also consents to not use any of our Products for commercial purposes.

  3. Order Payment

    When you place an Order, you agree to buy the specific Product from us.

    Once the payment is made in advance, only then the Order is processed further.

    The total amount to be paid for the Order is calculated as per our Pricing Policy, available at our Website.

    You can use payment portals like PayPal, banking services, Western Union, and credit cards to pay for your Order.

  4. Discounts

    The Company attains the right to offer timely discounts and bonuses to the Customers at our own discretion.

    The discounts and bonuses are designed for each and every Customer with no discrimination or exception.

  5. Order Process

    Once the final payment is made successfully, we reserve the right to re-check the details specified in the Order form and confirm it from the Customer.

    In the case of a mismatch, we also hold the right to amend the Order details, with the consent of the Customer, ensuring the final Product is as per the expectations of the Customer.

    All Orders require a particular volume to be specified.

    Order volume refers to the number of pages. One page equals 250 words.

    The final price of the Order is affected by the Order volume.

    Accordingly, the final Product should have the same number of pages or number of words as specified in the original Order form. In case of a mistake, the Customer can request the Writer to correct it.

    The scope of work specifies the requirement that needs to be fulfilled in the write-up.

    Should there be any need to change the scope of work, such as an increase in the Order volume or requirements, the amendments should be communicated as soon as possible.

    If the writer has started to work, no changes can be made and the Customer will be asked to give additional compensations for it.

    The Customer can keep in touch with the Writer or the customer support team throughout the fulfillment of the Order via the various modes of communication channels as specified on the Website.

  6. Content

    We are accountable and responsible to ensure that all the details and/or special requirements, as specified in the Order form, have been fulfilled in the final Product.

    If there are any guidelines mentioned in the Order form that we have missed, we will be liable to make the changes in the Product upon the request of the revision.

    In case the Writer has to use certain resource materials in the fulfillment of the Order, the Customer is expected to specify and/or provide the material.

  7. Deadline

    It is the duty of the Company to deliver the Order Product on the date, as specified in the Order form.

    If our Writers perceive the deadline to be too narrow for the fulfillment of the Order, we will contact you before the deadline for an extension or other form of compensation, such as partial refunds.

    However, minor delays in the deadline cannot make up for the claims of refunds or discounts.

  8. Plagiarism

    It is the sole responsibility of our Writers to write every paper free from plagiarism or completely from scratch.

    Accordingly, the resources or papers available on the internet are referred for research purposes only.

    All sources used are referenced in every document as per the citation style and number of references specified in the Order form.

    To ensure all papers are free from plagiarism, every document is checked using TurnItIn and the final plagiarism report is provided to the Customer with the Product.

    It is important to remember, however, that we are not responsible for plagiarized content in any part of the document that is not within the scope of our work or any document that is sent to us for editing and/or proofreading.

  9. Revision and Refund

    Any Customer can request for revisions provided that he/she feels the writer has not adhered to the instructions or requirements specified in the original Order form.

    In case the revision requires amendments that go beyond the original scope of work specified in the Order form, the Customer will be required to submit another Order form, as anything beyond the original scope of work will be considered a new Order.

    A refund can be made according to the conditions or cases specified in our Refund Policy.

    In view of that, we cannot be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.

    Please read our revision and refund policies before making any claim.

  10. Product Use

    It should be remembered that none of our Products can be used for any illegal, commercial or unethical purposes.

    Upon receiving the Product, a Customer can make any academic changes in the content as per the discretion, such as vocabulary or sentence structure.

    No customer attains the right to attach his/her name with the original Product. If being used as it is, our name should be referenced properly with the Product.

  11. Copyright Policy

    Upon the delivery of the final Products to the Customers, the Company legally gives them the authority of copyrights.

    Since the Products are meant for academic and/or research purposes only, the Customers are expected to not turn-in the original Products as their own written papers.

    In case of a refund, the Product will belong to the Company only.

  12. Confidentiality & Security

    Please take into consideration that we hold the privacy and safety of our Customers’ information very high in regards.

    In this way, any information provided to us by the Customer is not transferred to a third party or person, without the consent of the Customer.

    Our Website is protected with security software to prevent any interference from third parties.

    We expect Customers to visit our Website only for personal and non-commercial purposes.

    You are not allowed to use any part of the Website for any illegal purpose. These include dissemination like harassment and threat, transmission of material resulting in a criminal abuse or breach of any applicable law, interference with any other person’s use of the Website, as well as transmission or storage of any material protected by the copyright law without the explicit permission of the person who owns it.

    Be there any breach of these terms, we will have no choice but to take appropriate actions against these actions, including termination of your use of the Website and required investigation against your position.

    Please read our Privacy Policy for further information on this matter.

  13. Delivery method

    We dispatch all the Order via email and no other means.

    All the Products are delivered before the deadline specified in the Order form, or as agreed upon.

    In case any revision, refund or changes in the Order form are needed, we encourage the Customers to reach out to us as soon as possible, as we will not be responsible for any negligence from the Customer’s side.

  14. Contact

    Customers can contact us via the channels of communication specified on the Website, that is, by phone, email or chat given in the Contact Us page on the Website.

    The Writers cannot be contacted through any other means or it may be considered a severe breach of our terms.